A.I.M. Reports: Take Action With Your Campaign Reports

i-Emailer already comes with some great reports that tell you how your email newsletters and marketing campaigns performed. But if you're the kind of email marketer who's always wanting to know more about your customers, then i-Emailer's A.I.M. Reports are for you. And these aren't just a bunch of pretty numbers to look at, either. A.I.M. Reports give you insight about your recipients that you can actually take action with...


We built A.I.M. Reports especially for our "power users" who send very targeted email marketing campaigns to their externally managed lists. They're perfect if you're sending invitations to your key clients for webinars and events. Or if you're sending promotions to a segmented list of customers, and you want to gauge response before sending more documentation offline. i-Emailer's A.I.M. Reports tell you who opened your emails, and what they clicked. Drill down even deeper to see a real-time report for each recipient's email activities: see exactly when they opened, what they clicked, and when they returned for more. You can even generate a list of people who did not open, then send them a modified campaign. Best of all, you can download AIM Reports in Microsoft Excel format, and hand them off to your sales team for followup.


Want a closer look? Here are some screenshots of the email reports...

Screenshot Report: Who opened my email?
Screenshot Report: Who clicked this URL?
Screenshot Report: Who didn't open?
Screenshot Report: Real-time activity

What's The Difference?

Std v. AIM
Number of recipients who opened Check Check
Total times email was opened Check Check
Total times people clicked Check Check
Who unsubscribed Check Check
Who bounced, and why Check Check
Avg. times email was re-opened Check Check
URLs people clicked, and how many times Check Check
Who opened your email, and how often Screenshot Check Check
Who clicked each URL, and how often Screenshot Check Check
Who didn't open your email Screenshot Check Check
Real-time activity report for each recipient Screenshot Check Check

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this add-on cost?
There is a one-time-only, instant setup fee of $49. That's it. AIM Reports will then be generated for every campaign you send where tracking is enabled.

How long does it take to get AIM Reports setup?
It's instant. As soon as you pay the setup fee, AIM Reports are enabled, and ready to go.

How do they work?
You don't have to do anything special to generate AIM reports. We'll automatically generate them whenever you activate open and click tracking for each campaign. Simply view your campaign stats as you normally do. You'll find a new link to "AIM Report" near the top of the Quick Stats page. Simply click that link to view your AIM Reports.

How long do AIM reports take to generate?
AIM reports are generated "in real time," just like regular i-Emailer campaign reports. You don't have to wait to retrieve them or anything like that. However, before you act on any of the "did not open" reports, you may want to give all your recipients a reasonable amount of time to check their email.

How To Get A.I.M. Reports

AIM Reports Enabled It's really easy to get started. All you have to do is log in to your i-Emailer account, and click the "install" button. The add-on is only $49 (one-time activation fee). After setup, they'll work for for any list you have in your account, for any new campaign you create from now on with tracking enabled. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to i-Emailer (don't have an account yet? Try i-Emailer free here).
  2. Click on the "Account" tab
  3. Click on the "Add-Ons" link, then look for "A.I.M. Reports"
  4. Click the "Install" button. i-Emailer will take you through the secure order process
  5. From now on, whenever you send a campaign with tracking enabled, we'll generate A.I.M. Reports for that campaign. Just look for the special "AIM Reports Enabled" icon in your campaigns list.