i-Emailer Inbox Inspector

Check your email marketing campaigns with one easy click

Whenever you create an email campaign, do you spend hours testing it in all your different email programs and ISP accounts and spam filters? Or do you just click "send" and pray to the email gods? We feel your pain. That's why we created the i-Emailer Inbox Inspector...


A sample promotional email, rendered in 16 different email programs...

Screenshot - Inbox Inspector

Zoom in to see where your email scrolls in the preview pane...

Screenshot - Inbox Inspector

We'll point out problems with spam filters and corporate email firewalls...

Spam filter check

Content assessment

How do I get it?

You will find it under your i-Emailer "Account" tab, in the "add-ons" section. If you don't have a i-Emailer account yet, sign up for one here.

Is this a free service?
No, this is an optional add-on to your i-Emailer account. The reports are extremely thorough, and they cost less than what you'd charge for one hour of your time.

Other services offer spam filter checking free. Why do you charge for it?
Unlike other services that offer a free "spammy keyword scanner," our Inbox Inspector actually passes your email through real spam filters then we tell you what to fix. We considered doing a simple keyword scanner, but it wouldn't simulate the very complex algorithms and real-time 'learning' that the spam filters use. But spam filters aren't the only thing to worry about. Before your email even gets to a filter, you've got to get past email firewalls too (which we'll test as well). A simple keyword scanner just doesn't cut it anymore.

You Get A Lot More Than Keyword Scores.
The Inbox Inspector will give you:

  • Screenshots of your email campaign in the most common email programs
  • You can zoom-in and see where the email "scrolls" in the preview pane
  • Spam filter reports
  • Email firewall reports
  • Content assessment (spammy words, typos, and broken HTML)
  • Printable report that you can give to your clients

Who is this for?
Anybody that cares about how their emails look in all the major programs, and whether or not their content will be accidentally blocked by spam filters. It may not be crucial to you if you send occasional relationship newsletters (using our built-in templates, which are already tested in the major programs). But if you sell stuff in your emails, or if you use your own HTML email code, the Inbox Inspector can save you a lot of time and prevent embarassing mistakes. If you send campaigns on behalf of clients, the Inbox Inspector will give you printable reports that your clients will really love (and that you can bill for).

Can't I just do this kind of email testing myself?
Of course, but it's expensive (about $8k in upfront costs, and $2k per year to maintain) and extremely time consuming to setup, maintain, and use. We've done it ourselves, and we know what a hassle it can be. That's the whole reason we created the Inbox Inspector. Still, if you'd prefer to do this yourself, here's what you'll need:

  • A computer for testing emails.
  • Some kind of virtual machine software, so you can run multiple operating systems (such as VMware)
  • Purchase and install every email program you can: Outlook Express, Outlook 2007, Outlook XP, Lotus, etc.
  • Download free email software, like Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.
  • Sign up with as many different ISPs as you can (and pay their monthly dues): Earthlink, AOL, Comcast, etc.
  • Sign up and maintain accounts with Hotmail, Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL Web, Gmail, etc.
  • Install Spam Assassin on your server
  • Purchase and install McAfee SpamKiller and Norton AntiSpam
  • Purchase, setup, and pay annual fees for Postini, Brightmail, and Messagelabs email firewalls
  • Purchase, setup and pay annual fees for an IronPort gateway filter.
  • Each time you design and send a new email campaign, send it to your test accounts, walk over to your test machine, and test the email in each and every program. Jot down the rendering problems that you noticed in each program. If your email ended up in the junk folder of one of the programs, take note of that. Go back, edit your content, and re-send. Repeat until you don't end up in the junk folder again.

Or, just use the Inbox Inspector. We'll do all of the above in one single click.

Things You Can Do With The Inbox Inspector

Testing your email campaigns before you send to your list is a no-brainer. But here are some other ways you can use the Inbox Inspector...

  • Web designer? Do you send emails for clients? Charge them for a complete email campaign evaluation. They'd love to know if their campaigns are getting blocked by spam filters or email firewalls, or if it's breaking in Lotus Notes. Inbox Inspections come with a handy "Print Report" button (idea for Mac users: print to PDF!)
  • Check your organization's transactional emails. Do you know if your email receipts have something spammy in them? Do they render properly in all the different email programs? What about your email list welcome messages?
  • Double-check your HTML code. Broken or sloppy HTML code can result in spam filter blocking. The Inbox Inspector will scan your HTML email for problems, and tell you exactly which line to fix.
  • Try new designs. Tired of using the same old template? Test your new design to make sure it works in all the major email programs.
  • Heard all the commotion over Microsoft's changes to Outlook 2007? Do you know if your old template is compatible? The Inbox Inspector generates real screenshots of your campaign in Outlook 2007, so you'll know for sure.
  • Gearing up for a big sales campaign? You've got your email designed, and your landing page ready to go. Now check your campaign in the Inbox Inspector to see if your call to action appears above the scroll. See if the email renders correctly in the new Beta services, like Windows Live Beta, and Yahoo!Mail Beta.

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