Design Beautiful Emails

Create totally customized, beautiful HTML email campaigns with our user-friendly template designer tools, or import your own code.

Our campaign builder walks you step by step through the process of building a bulletproof email campaign. It includes pop-up previews and a pre-delivery checklist so you can check your work before you send. We've also tested our templates in every major email client, ensuring that you start from a solid foundation with each campaign.

Easy to use, our formatting toolbar works just like your word processor. You can style your text, align copy, check spelling, insert bullets and hyperlinks, and upload graphics. We'll even host your images free, unlike other email services. Advanced users can switch to HTML view to insert tables, image maps, and more.

Create and save your own re-usable branded templates for newsletters, holiday e-cards, special alerts, letters from the president, and more. Just open your template, enter your content, and send.

If you are a developer, you can code your own HTML emails, then copy-paste into i-Emailer. We'll even automatically inline your CSS to make sure it's compatible with all the major email clients.

Merge the first names and last names from your database into each message for a personal touch, and dynamically swap out content and special offers based on each recipient's preferences.

Set up i-Emailer to automatically scan your RSS feeds and send emails to your list whenever you publish new content to your blog or website. Instead of sending plain-text emails like most RSS-to-email services, i-Emailer uses a stylized HTML email template, designed by you. Learn More...

We include special links in your footer that allow recipients to spread your campaign virally, and we'll track how many times the email was forwarded.

Create an instant email archive page just by inserting a code snippet on your own website. Every time you send a new campaign, your archives list gets automatically updated.

We don't nickel-and-dime you for hosting images on our servers. You're free to upload images into your campaign and never have to worry about extra charges.

We don't insert our logo into paid accounts. That would be evil. Free accounts include a trackable i-Emailer MonkeyRewards badge that adds credits to your account for every new customer you refer.

Power Features

We don't think that "easy and affordable" should also mean "stripped down to the basics." i-Emailer is chock full of powerful, sophisticated email marketing tools that anybody can use.

This optional service is like a full physical for your email marketing campaigns. You click one button, and i-Emailer generates screenshots of your email in all the major email clients, mobile devices, and international ISPs, so you can make sure it renders properly. Then we run your campaign through all the major spam filters, analyzing your content for red flags, typos, and broken code that could get you blocked. After that, we'll give you an overall spam score, and point out exactly what you need to change to get past the spam filters.

Not sure what day is best for sending? Which subject line will get a better open rate? i-Emailer can run an A/B test on a tiny, random sample of your list, analyze your results, then automatically optimize your campaign and send it to the remainder of your list for you. Patent pending.

Filter your campaign to send to small, targeted sub-groups within your list. Segmenting criteria can be based on demographics like ZIP code, gender, and job title, or behavioral data such as open and click habits. Learn More...

i-Emailer is built around an open programming language that makes it easy to sync outside applications and databases. Users have developed "drop-in" plugins for common programs, like Drupal, Wordpress, Zen Cart, and more.

Check a box, and i-Emailer will add tracking code to your email campaign links so you can see exactly how many visits, conversions, and sales were generated from your email campaign. And it's all summed up succinctly in your Google Analytics reports. If you want, we'll even complete the circle by pulling this data from Google Analytics and inserting it right back into your email campaign reports, so you can instantly see the ROI of your campaigns. Learn More...

Embed the same code into your email headers that the largest corporations and financial institutions use to prove their emails are not forgeries, so they don't get blocked by overly suspicious filters. We support all major authentication standards: DKIM, SenderID, SPF, and Domain Keys.

Send subscribers automatic updates whenever you publish content to your blog or website. Use i-Emailer's eye-catching HTML email templates that you can customize to match your brand and utilize advanced merge tags to include dynamically targeted advertising. Unlike other RSS-to-Email services, you'll get full email marketing reports, which include opens, clicks, undeliverable rates, and more. Learn More...

Dynamically change and personalize your content based on each recipient's interests or some other criteria you set.

Our advanced application programming interface lets you connect and sync your own databases and applications with your i-Emailer account. Push content and subscribers to i-Emailer or pull campaign reports and updated subscriber lists from i-Emailer. It's all done seamlessly and behind-the-scenes. There is a version of the API for PHP, .Net, Ruby, and XML, and there are even plugins that use the API that allow you to quickly drop i-Emailer functionality into popular applications like Drupal, Wordpress, Zen Cart, and more. The i-Emailer API is even compatible with Google's Open Social platform, which allows you to interface i-Emailer with MySpace, Ning, and other social networks.


We're constantly optimizing our system with new technology, proven best practices, 3rd party monitoring services, and ISP relations experts to maximize the deliverability of our servers for over 45,000 users.

To protect our overall deliverability, i-Emailer uses dozens of IP addresses. These IPs are grouped into four different reputation levels: Free (free trials, and customers using our Friends and Family Free plan); Shared (the majority of customers); Trusted (customers with good sending and list management histories); and Confirmed-Optin-Only (customers who have only used confirmed optin, and have never imported any outside lists). We regularly monitor our IP acceptance rates using ReturnPath, a leading 3rd party deliverability vendor. Depending on which group of IPs email is sent from, inbox acceptance rates range from 96% to 99%.

We're registered with all the major ISPs to receive alerts whenever your recipients report your campaigns as "junk" or "spam." When that happens, we instantly unsubscribe those members from your list in order to keep you (and i-Emailer) from being blocked in the future. We're on feedback loops with AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo,, Cox, Earthlink, and more.

Few ISPs employ whitelists these days because there are too many factors that determine a sender's reputation. More and more are switching to feedback loops, which are more dynamic and can respond more quickly to reputation changes. In fact, being on a whitelist does not preclude a sender from being blocked, especially if their feedback loop complaints exceed the ISPs' thresholds. Nevertheless, i-Emailer is registered on the few remaining whitelists out there.

Large corporations and financial institutions are constant victims of forgeries and phishing scams. In order to protect their reputation and prove their emails are "authentic," they use authentication technology in their email campaigns. Some ISPs are beginning to filter incoming email based on authentication. i-Emailer customers can add authentication to their campaigns free of charge. We support multiple authentication formats: DKIM, SenderID, Domain Keys, and SPF. i-Emailer is also a member of the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance (AOTA).

Like most ESPs, we have algorithms in place that scan our system for signs of abuse. But we also employ a human review team who can, in the blink of an eye, detect subtle cues about a user (there are roughly 30 different characteristics we've learned to look for) that can jeopardize our deliverability. The review team is empowered to suspend accounts and contact users about any risk factors they need to address.

Most ESPs send messages and then receive bouncebacks that they clean from your list for you. i-Emailer does that too, but we also scan those bouncebacks for certain hidden messages from spam filters and email servers that indicate there is a problem with our deliverability. If this happens, our system automatically shuts off affected IPs, reroutes mail appropriately, and alerts our server admin.

We stay abreast of industry and technology standards by being active members in email and ISP organizations such as the ESPC (Email Sender and Provider Coalition), AOTA (Authentication and Online Trust Alliance), MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group), and EEC (Email Experience Council).

We retain the services of a leading 3rd party deliverability vendor and a well-respected ISP relations consultancy to help us prevent, detect and resolve any deliverability problems.

With one click, our users can scan their email campaigns for content and coding red flags that can cause deliverability problems.

Service & Support

i-Emailer is so easy to use, you probably won't need to ask us for any help. But just in case you need it, we provide the following resources:

Our friendly, human staff is available if you have questions or need help along the way. Use live chat, email, or telephone (M-F, 9-5 EST).

Log on to our free weekly webinars — they'll get you up and running fast. Every week we run through the basics and end with a Q&A session.

We've embedded quick, helpful demo videos throughout our application. If you stumble upon something you don't understand, just click on the video icon for a simple explanation.

We've compiled a database of searchable help that's actually useful, constantly updated, and available 24/7.

At i-Emailer, our API is not an afterthought. We have a dedicated team who focuses strictly on the API and keeping it up to date with the i-Emailer application. In fact, there's a community of developers out there who use the Mailchimp API to build plugins and integrations with other applications, like WordPress, MySpace, Ning, and OpenSocial.