Perfect for bands, little league teams and groups with tiny lists.

Free full-featured i-Emailer account. Use it for as long as you want, but with limited sending volume.

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You can use i-Emailer free, with two catches:

  1. You're basically limited to a list of 100 subscribers, and can send a maximum 6 times per month.
  2. We'll shamelessly insert a i-Emailer badge in the footer of all your emails (on the plus side, you can earn affiliate rewards when your badge refers new customers).

We created this plan for our friends who run soccer teams, and want to keep parents updated. For bands who want a signup box on their MySpace page. For small non-profits who are totally new to email marketing. For school clubs. For brides-to-be, who want to coordinate wedding plans with family and guests.

When your list grows, you can upgrade to a paid account, then you can turn off the i-Emailer logos (or leave them on to collect MonkeyRewards!).

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Perfect for quarterly and infrequent senders.

You only pay for what you use. Works just like a pre-paid phone card, but without all the fine print.

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Don't send frequent campaigns (yet)? Take advantage of our pay-as-you-go plans, where you only pay when you actually send a campaign. Pre-purchase a block of "Email Credits" that work like stamps. One credit is deducted from your account per recipient. Credits rollover from month to month, and don't expire.

Prepay Non-profits You'll Get:
$15 $12.50 500 Email Credits (send to 500 recipients)
$30 $25.50 1,000 Email Credits (send to 1,000 recipients)
$60 $51 2,000 Email Credits (send to 2,000 recipients)
$100 $85 5,000 Email Credits (send to 5,000 recipients)
$150 $127.50 7,500 Email Credits (send to 7,500 recipients)
$200 $170.50 10,000 Email Credits (send to 10,000 recipients)
$250 $212.50 25,000 Email Credits (send to 25,000 recipients)
$500 $425.50 50,000 Email Credits (send to 50,000 recipients)
$750 $637.50 75,000 Email Credits (send to 75,000 recipients)
$1,000 $850 200,000 Email Credits (send to 200,000 recipients)
$1,875 $1,593.75 375,000 Email Credits (send to 375,000 recipients)
$2,500 $2,125.00 500,000 Email Credits (send to 500,000 recipients)

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Perfect for users who send very frequent campaigns.

Discounted pricing plan based on the number of subscribers you manage, not volume of email you send.

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If you're a high volume, high frequency sender, you don't want to pay based on emails sent. Go with a monthly plan, and pay based on the total number of subscribers managed*. You'll save money, and we conveniently bill your credit card every month. As your subscriber list grows or shrinks, we automatically move you up or down the different plans.

Total Subscribers* Monthly Non-profits
0-500* $15 $12.50
501-2,500* $30 $25.50
2,501-5,000* $50 $42.50
5,001-10,000* $75 $63.75
10,001-25,000* $150 $127.50

*Your total number of subscribers is the total number of recipients in all of your lists combined.

Ginormous list? We have clients who send millions of emails a month. Contact us for high volume pricing and migration information.

Questions? See our pricing FAQ


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