Email Marketing Tips and Tricks by i-Emailer. Free email marketing guides cover frequent mistakes as well as best practices in email marketing. Topics range from getting started for beginners to more complex email issues for advanced subscribers.

Email Marketing Topics:

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Getting Started in Email Marketing

Okay, so you're new to email marketing. Let's go over some of the basics...

  • Free Email Marketing Guide (65-pages of useful tips)
    Everything you ever wanted to know about email marketing: how to code HTML emails properly, managing email lists, email marketing best practices, and more. In its third edition, the guide has been downloaded more than 250,000 times since 2001. 65 pages.
  • Your First Email Marketing Project
    Working on your first email marketing project? Don't even know where to begin? This free guide from i-Emailer walks you through all the steps from setup to send. Unlike other guides that just go over email design and tactical issues, this covers the stuff most people learn the hard way *after* they send their first campaign.
  • Warning Signs that Your Client is Spamming
    So you're helping a client with their email marketing project, and you're spidey senses are tingling: "Am I helping my client send spam? How do I tell them what they're doing is wrong, without jeopardizing this project?" This free guide from i-Emailer helps you educate your clients and point them down the path of email marketing righteousness.
  • Tips for Growing Your Email Subscriber List
    Building a clean email list is critical to your email campaign. Based on years of hands on experience, this guide shares the best practices in creating and maintaining an opt-in email list. The guide includes instructions on how to use i-Emailer's free list builder tool.
  • Email Marketing Etiquette (how not to be a jerk)
    In a world of spam, knowing email etiquette is critical to ensuring the success of your campaign. Read this guide to make sure you avoid obvious faux pas in your next first email campaign.
  • Ask Before You Blast
    For many consumers, there is little distinction between unwanted email and spam email. If you stretch the line in sending too many emails or to folks who don't recognize your email, the complaints roll in. This guide takes you through the issues and how to avoid generating spam complaints.
  • Problems Sending HTML Email With Microsoft Outlook?
    HTML emails broken? Can't get Microsoft Outlook to send your email newsletters correctly? Here's why.
  • How To Code HTML Emails
    Coding an HTML email isn't the same as coding a web page. This guide takes you through all the CSS hacks and do's and don'ts for coding HTML emails that work in Outlook, Gmail, Lotus, etc.
  • Understanding Email Campaign Reports
    This is a must read guide for understanding the technology used to create your reports and how to interpret the results in your i-Emailer account.

Email Marketing Stats & Benchmarks

How do your email campaign stats compare? Here are some useful stats and benchmarks.

Tips. Advice, How-to Articles

Some useful ideas and tips for email marketers

  • How A/B Split Testing Works
    Learn what works best by A/B testing your email campaigns (it's fun, and we make it easy).
  • Customer Email List Segmentation
    Get better results by sending small, focused campaigns to targeted subgroups within your list.
  • Send Automatic Birthday Emails
    Using i-Emailer's list segmentation functionality to schedule automatic birthday emails
  • Improving Your Email Open Rate
    An email campaign is only effective if it actually gets read. Consumers are hit with more and more emails and your message needs to communicate its value quickly to stand out. This guide covers all of the tips and tricks we've learned at i-Emailer.
  • Getting More People To Click In Your Emails
    For many marketers, the objective is not just to get your email opened, but more importantly to have a reader click on a link to go to a web site. This guide explains how to optimize the link placement to increase click through rates.
  • Sending Surveys in HTML Emails
    The correct way to deliver surveys to your customers via email.
  • Troubleshooting your first email campaign
    This guide is a great tool for first timers trying out a new HTML email template. It lists common issues and recommendations.
  • Post Campaign Checklist
    Just because your campaign went out doesn't mean the job is done. This guide provides a helpful list of items for follow-up and planning for your next campaign.

Designing and Coding HTML Email

If you've never designed or coded HTML email before, here's what you need to know:

  • Free Holiday Email Templates
    Free holiday graphics and designs for i-Emailer HTML email e-cards
  • Free HTML Email Template Source Code
    While we want you to subscribe to our email marketing service, we also want you to do email right. To that end we've put together a package of FREE email templates that you can use as is or as a starting point for your next campaign. These templates have been downloaded over 1 million times.
  • Avoid These Common Design Mistakes
    This list of the top 6 email design mistakes has been a runaway hit since it was published in July 2007. It covers all the things a good designer should know, but may have forgotten..
  • Advanced HTML Email Coding Tips for Web Designers
    Tips to take your HTML emails to the next level. This guide covers common designer mistakes as well as work arounds to get that special effect.
  • Dynamic Images In Your Email Campaigns
    Nice little hack for dynamically displaying image content in your email campaigns, based on recipient data
  • i-Emailer's Free HTML Email Design Tool
    This guide shows you what you can do with i-Emailer's free design tool. i-Emailer provides basic templates that you can modify in infinite ways to capture the look and feel of your brand and site.
  • Is the plain-text email dead?
    The king is dead. Long live the king. This guide explains why plain text emails are important and how to make the most of them in your next campaign.
  • Designing email template headers
    A helpful guide with tips and tricks on what to include your email header to reduce spam complaints, and improve readability. With i-Emailer it's easy to include a link to your email online which ensures your message is always displayed correctly.
  • Jazz up your i-Emailer HTML email templates
    This guide gives great tips to make your email pop and convey your special message. These tricks are tried and true so you can be confident your readers will see what you intended.

Deliverability and Avoiding Spam Filters

Send email marketing long enough, and you will inevitably run into delivery issues. Here's what you need to know.

  • How Spam Filters Work (and how to avoid them)
    It is a reality of life in email marketing. To be successful you need to design your campaigns to avoid the spam filter traps. This guide takes provide an explanation of how the filters operate and what you need to do to avoid getting stuck in one.
  • Email Firewalls (spam filters need spam filters now)
    The onslaught of spam has forced internet service providers to deploy a powerful arsenal of tools to protect your inbox. Not only are they checking for content, they are also validating where your emails is coming from to capture spam. This guide explains how it works and what you need to do to make it to your reader.
  • How Email Authentication Works
    This guide outlines the technology currently being used to authenticate your email, and how email authentication works to improve deliverability.
  • How Email Certification Works
    One more level of control is email certification. In this approach one pays the equivalent of a bond as a guarantee against sending spam. This guide explains how it works and the current level of adoption in the industry.
  • Prevent False Spam Complaints
    Trust me. You don't want a spam complaint. Nor does i-Emailer. Spam complaints are filed under your permanent record as well as ours. This guide outlines the best practices to ensure you don't generate spam complaints.
  • Avoid Spam Filters With Merge Tags
    Merging 2 simple little data fields into your email campaigns can help you avoid some spam filters

Other Email Marketing Resources

Here are some of our favorite "bookmark-worthy" email marketing resources.