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Designing HTML Emails Like the Pros

How to really jazz up your i-Emailer HTML email templates

Have you ever noticed how most email services with built-in HTML email templates give you about 1,000 variations of the same thing? All they do is vary the (cheesy) stock art from template to template. Maybe they alter the color scheme a little. Who designs those things?

i-Emailer doesn't give you a gazillion ugly, rigid, pre-built templates. We give you a powerful, easy to use HTML email template design tool. You can use the tool to custom-design an HTML email template that perfectly matches your company's brand. Best of all, you save it as a re-usable template for future campaigns!

Just How Customizable Are i-Emailer's Email Templates?

Athletic Apparel


Luxury Car Email


Online Shopping


Warm Coffee


The only limit is your imagination. To prove it, we took real life examples of HTML emails from some of the biggest brands out there, and in the sincerest form of flattery, we copied them. See how i-Emailer's HTML email templates stack up to work designed by the top companies in the world.

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