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Nearly 1/3 of Email Opens Occur In First Hour

After you send your campaign, how fast do people open?

We analyzed open rates for just under 2,000 HTML email campaigns recently sent from i-Emailer, and found that within the first hour after delivery, nearly 1/3 of recipients opened the campaign:

Open Rate Velocity
  • Nearly 1/3 will open within the first hour of sending (we're all addicted to email, aren't we?)
  • The majority (53%) will open within 6 hours
  • 78% will have opened within 1 day
  • Within 1 week, 95% of openers will have opened
  • And people will still open your email a full 30 days after sending (so don't archive your hosted images too soon!)

Interesting implications for email marketers who:

  • Need to work with IT to properly allocate server resources according to the timing of your campaigns
  • Frequently send breaking email news alerts
  • Send email invitations to weekly events (give it a day or two for maximum effect, but it's nice to know that lots of people will open within hours)
  • Send followup campaigns to "those who did not open." Give people at least 1 week before you assume they didn't open.

Note that the Y-axis is not a "percent of list" but a "percent of those on your list who will eventually open." For example, if 30% of your list opens your email (that's about average), this would show that 53% of that 30% will open within 6 hours.

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