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Free HTML Email Design Tool

Powerful HTML Email Design Tool Lets You Design Like The Pros

i-Emailer comes with a built-in HTML Email Template Designer. While other services like Constant Contact provide their users with hundreds of "pre-built" templates with stock art, i-Emailer takes a different approach...

Like Photoshop, but for HTML Email...

Instead of giving you a bazillion fugly, rigid templates like the other guys do, our template designer is actually a tool that allows you to design your own template that perfectly matches your brand. When we designed it, we wanted to create "A Photoshop for HTML Email." Our HTML Email template designer is super flexible and powerful. You can make as many templates as you want, free. Just save them to your Template Gallery in your i-Emailer account, and add content to them whenever you want to send a campaign.

See How Professional You Can Look

To show you what you can do with our Template Designer, we took a handful of beautiful, custom-designed HTML email campaigns we received over the last few months and in the most sincere form of flattery, we used our own template tool to copy their designs. Let's see how close we can get...

Design Like Nike!

Design Like The Gap!

Design Like Lexus!

Of course, if you really want 100% full control over your design and code, i-Emailer just lets you skip our template tool and just copy-paste your HTML right into our interface. But if you know you're going to be sending the same design over and over again for your (or your client's) company, templates can save you a ton of time to just design a template in i-Emailer.

How World-Class Web Designers Use i-Emailer's Templates

Our templates are so good, even some of the world's best web designers are using it. People like Hillman Curtis, The ChoppingBlock, and

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