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Post Campaign Checklist

What to do after you send your email campaign

The main thing to remember is to evaluate your stats after every single email campaign you send. Use them to determine "what's normal for us?" and then whether or not things are trending better or worse over time.

Below are some questions you might ask after each campaign you send. Use your i-Emailer campaign reports to find the answers...

Post-Campaign Checklist

  • How many emails failed to be successfully delivered? If an abnormally high number of emails bounced, read through some email headers to find out why.
  • Did people click on the links I wanted them to click? If so, did my cash register go "chaching!" or did I lose my sales somewhere in the website?
  • If people didn't click on what I wanted them to, how can I change my next campaign to improve my click rates?
  • How many people normally unsubscribe from each of my campaigns? Did this campaign result in more or less unsubscribes than usual? Do you know why people are unsubscribing? Have you setup an online survey link in your opt-out confirmation screen and email? Look through those results as well.
  • What was my open rate for this particular campaign, and how does this compare to my "normal" open rate? Did anything change? Why?
  • Is there any particular day/time that seems to work best for my campaigns?
  • Are people still opening and clicking now, or has activity pretty much died down?
  • How much money did this campaign cost me? Did/will it pay off?

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